Awards - Competitions

SpaceMatters publication Bhopal2011 Landscapes of Memory, wins the Critics Choice Award for best written work on Architecture and Environment at ArchiDesign 2014.
CIDCO Science City, Navi Mumbai , 2010 - Won
Mrignayani State Emporium Flagship Showroom, 2008 - Won
Bhopal Gas Tragedy Memorial, 2005 - Won
Residential School, Atchikadu, 2013- Final three
Nalanda University, Bihar, 2013- Final shortlist
Patna Museum, Patna 2012- Final shortlist
War Memorial, Bhopal, 2009- Final shortlist
TERI University, Delhi, 2008- Final shortlist
Van Bhawan, Bhopal - Final shortlist

Awards - Quality

Architects Journal Women in Architecture Emerging Architect shortlist, 2013
Indian Architect and Builder - Seclude Villas Ramgarh, Young Architects Awards, 2012
Design Today -Young Architects Special Issue, 2010
Archi Design - Best Interior Design Award, Team India Advisory, 2009

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